Frequently Asked Questions

Self-Service Kiosk Questions

Where can I find a self-service kiosk?

General E-Check Questions

What is RapidScreen and how does it work?
Which vehicles must be tested?
Why does my vehicle need to be tested?
On-Board Diagnostics(OBD) FAQs
What counties are included in the Ohio E-Check program?
What is necessary for new residents?
What type of testing is required for diesel vehicles?
How far in advance can I have my vehicle tested?
Who can take my vehicle in for a test?
How often will my vehicle need to be tested?
Where can I find the testing history of a vehicle?
How will I be notified about the test?
Are there any restrictions on where I can have my vehicle tested?
Do I need to make an appointment before taking my vehicle to a test station?
What if I purchase a used vehicle?
Will I still be able to get my registration by mail?
If my vehicle does not pass the test, will the test center make necessary repairs?
Do I have to pay if my vehicle does not pass the test?
Are there specific repair facilities certified by the State of Ohio to make emissions repairs?
What if my vehicle continues to fail the test?
Why isn’t testing required in all states? In all 88 counties?
Why must we test when vehicles are operating more cleanly than ever before?
I had my vehicle tested last year when I purchased it; why do I have to test it again this year?
My vehicle does not smoke and there is not a spot of rust. Why does it need to be tested?